The Positive Outcomes of the Philippines eCif


Philippines eCif is a program that was launched in 2021. The goal of this said program is to encourage international exchange and cultural exchange between the Philippine and foreign businesses. The most important aim of the stated program is to help Filipino businessmen, women, youth and other individuals involved in business, especially in global trade. Throughout the program, Filipino workers can travel abroad or proceed to other areas of the world. They also have opportunities to expand their business throughout the world through the exchange of their abilities, expertise and knowledge with the assistance of their various overseas counterparts.


For any company to flourish, there needs to be an exchange of information and knowledge among its employees both in their own country and in another country. This can only be reached if there's an exchange of business practices, policies, systems and objectives. Through this endeavor, Filipino employees gain more knowledge about their business counterparts and the standard of their products and services.


The program however, confronted several criticisms from the international business community. They claim that eCif does not assist the growth of the Philippine market. There are some people who also claim that it is not a feasible option for companies who don't need extensive internet connectivity. On the other hand, the program is labeled as the ideal alternative to fortify the Philippine market. Philippines eCif is an answer to criticisms made against the Free Trade Area Act or FTAA. Critics state that the app may not have any significant effect on the economy, though.


Other than being an answer to criticisms, the Philippine government sees the program as being of immense assistance to the country's foreign exchange policy. The program encourages the global companies to invest in the Philippines, especially in infrastructure projects. The projects will ensure better quality of life and employment to the Filipinos. Aside from making the government stronger economically, the jobs have the potential to increase tourism and earnings from overseas investors.


Aside, from making the Filipino employees more acquainted with their overseas counterparts, the Philippine eCif also supplies them with an opportunity to learn and use new technologies. This is principally because the program enables the exchange of information and technology between both the parties. In this manner, the Philippines and foreign countries can promote their various brands and increase their market share in the world market. For small businesses, this means more chances and expansion.


In essence, the program is seen as a win-win circumstance. The government promotes its own product and at the exact same time receives remuneration from international companies. Meanwhile, the Filipino people get to reap the benefits of using eCif. It also can help enhance the quality of life in the country. Last, the eCif is a cheap and easy-to-use solution that is already widely accepted by the international community.

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